April 19, 2007

cut & paste

Nip/Tuck is one of my favourite TV shows. Do you get it where you live? I find the characters, production design and soundtrack completely addictive. However, I only watch the seasons on DVD. The show lives up to it's name when aired on TV. All the best bits are nipped and tucked (ie.censored.) and ends up looking like a bad facelift. No kissing, no sex, nothing sexual allowed. However, the censorship board loves violence. A lot of CRASH BOOM BANG on TV. That's fine for the youth it seems but no sex. On most days, I watch BBC Entertainment and for pure cheesy fun it's American Idol. Sanjaya is obviously safe for being cut. He needs a good trim (off the show!)


Blogger Sally said...

I loved the few eps I saw of Nip?yTuck, then it disappeared, then it came back in a weird timeslot and I didn;t see it again...

The West Wing (aka The Left Wing) is my current fave, and it finishes here on Saturday night.

Thanks so much for visiting on my Blog Birthday….your thoughts are much appreciated.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Olivier said...

personnellement j'aime pas trop comme serie, elle passe sur le cable en France

personally I do not like too much like series, it passes on the cable to France

7:30 PM  
Blogger Ame said...

I HATE crash-boom-bah! Need more of the "S"...ooooooo, I'm blushing! ;)xo

1:36 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

I'm with Ame. Especially on this show, how on earth is there enough material for them to show the series if they nip & tuk all the good bits out? It is 90% of what makes up the show!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Ming_the_Merciless said...

Great poster. But I don't watch the show because I don't get whatever channel it comes on.

1:17 PM  
Blogger Keropok Man said...

yes, we get it here :-)

both on late nite tv and on cable.
but have not been watching much of it..

5:17 PM  
Blogger AinZ said...

I like nip/tuck, but they keep changing the times around here, and then I end up missing it. They also often show 2 episodes back to back, so if you miss it one night, you miss out on alot.... If they're nipping & tucking all the sexy scenes over there, then there must be nothing left except for the graphic surgery scenes! love the music on the show too!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Z said...

I made the mistake of trying to watch the first episode while eating dinner. I couldn't finish the dinner or the episode. :-P

9:12 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

A good show, but very s*#ual so not sure what they'd show with all those bits nipped out!

An episode runs for an hour in Australia...how long in KL?

4:24 PM  
Blogger edwin s said...

After all the nipping and snipping, an episode runs about 40 minutes or less, depending on what's on that day. That's why I watch the DVD box sets instead.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Kuanyin said...

Know what you mean about Nip Tuck...I prefer mine uncensored as well!

3:34 PM  
Blogger kaa said...

yes.. we get it in Finland with all the good, bad and ugly stuff. I'm surprised that it is aired there..

2:25 AM  

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