April 7, 2006

spinning around

Break-dancing is still alive! Yay for these young boys but for the rest of us geriatrics, we're quite content to watch and imagine our bones poppin'. Just thinking is enough to give me a backache. Sad, to think of it. I used to pride myself for being the dancer that would outlast the entire club. Aah, youth... responsible for too many physical ailments.


Blogger Denton said...

Interesting effect. His feet have disappeared. Dancing would not be my strong point. Mainly due to a lack of rhythm.

10:27 AM  
Blogger santy said...

Wow, breakdance...always make me dizzy to watch them spin!

1:19 PM  
Blogger midnitebara said...

uhuh, I rather watch the ballroom dancing competitions than that! I catergorize that as acrobatics than dancing.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Bob-i-Licious said...

Where was that?

2:21 PM  
Blogger dutchie said...

I said the hiphop, the hippy to the hoppy

3:22 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Great colors and movememnt here -

3:48 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

i love to see this as well! near BB plaza ?

*ahem* psst..i know u can dance all night !

4:03 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Hehehe i can hear bones poopin too!

4:42 PM  
Blogger Nicola said...

Smile! Funny description of the photo! And great capture of breakdance! Love the action and the colors!

5:11 PM  
Blogger Grant F said...

great colour and energy in this photo edwin. am sure you brake-danced in your youth??

5:29 PM  
Blogger Edwin Sumun said...

Wow! I didn't expect to get these reactions. thanks everyone :)

Bob-i, this was at Top Hat restaurant. A private event for DiGi. (that answers your question as well Kris. and intriguing that you know so much about me yet I know naught of you)

Erm, Grant, did you ever watch Breakdancing:The Movie? remember the girl that danced the high-kicks next to the body-poppers? Yup, I dance like that. Could never find the nerve to do a headspin.

11:12 PM  
Blogger Karine said...

Nice shot! ... I love those spinning moves and the rythms that go with them. They certainly have some style. Great catch!

1:24 AM  
Blogger Marieta said...

nooooooo wayyyyyyyyyy i will ever be able to do breakdance....nice pic

3:37 AM  
Blogger Adam Lee Dalziel said...

awesome picture - love the colours - and the subject - I have a real interest in urban street culture - but since i left london for wales i havent had the chance to experience it - except for vicariously right here on your site - thanks - awesome shot - love it


9:14 AM  
Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said...

Great shot - so much colour and action.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

Ah to be young again, nice colours.I have a request, any chance of a photo of Sate.I love those meat dishes

6:09 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Nice shot

10:36 PM  
Blogger Cynthia! said...

sooo cool! that kid is quite the dancer!!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

wow! at Top Hat ! never would've guessed :s ..Seen u at disco lah, i dont know u but i saw this guy very deep into his dancing for like, the whole night ! Later i saw u in theather scenes and thought u look familiar . Am very good at faces (thats a gift ..haha)

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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