July 4, 2008

behind the scene

A backstage look. In the front, you see a shiny, slick stage. For most people, you get all the glamour. But for us lucky folk, we get to go behind the shine and see how it all works. Here are 2 workmen putting the finishing touches to the area just minutes before I walked out on stage. They were friendly and quite apologetic for the last-minute work. All was good. I went on and the stage was solid as a rock.


Blogger Sally said...

Aaah, the magic of the theatre - I love it. Home again from my travels, and a chance to catch up with blogs. Saw a magnificent light and fire spectacular at Pont du Gard near avignon, on Nathalie's recommendation, and a musical - Avenue Q - like The Muppets meet South Park (rude muppets) in London.

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